Let Your Skid Plate Do The Work
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  • 100% UHMW SKIDS
  • 3X Thicker, and Far More Durable than Factory Skids
  • Ride Protected! SKID UP!
Only Company with Built-in Rockers
Solid UHMW skid with rockers
Unleash your machine!
Don't Compromise on Speed, Performance, and Excitement

What the Experts Say

Devin Smith #278, SBR (Smith Boys Racing)

"I use SSS Off-Road Skid plate on my Can-Am X3 Turbo. It still looks as good as the day I put it on. No other skid would hold up to the harsh terrain and 23+ races I've put it through! I would recommend SSS Off-Road Skid plates to anyone!"

Joshua Wakeland, Wakeland Racing

"I'll start off by saying I race UTVs in the desert.  As a result, my car takes a beating from sliding over rocks, bottoming out the belly pan at 75mph, sliding over sharp desert bushes. My SSS Off-road skid plate is a victim of the madness.  After two seasons of racing, I still use the same single SSS skid plate that I originally purchased.  It shows some wear, but still does its job flawlessly.   The other thing I like about my SSS skid plate is that the center section is one complete piece, where as the other companies use three separate pieces to make up the center belly pan.  I believe this adds to the durability and ease of installation. Wakeland Racing recommends SSS Off-road skid plates! Thank you guys for making a great product."

Steve Shafer, UTV Grab Bag

"The SSS Off-Road skid plate was one of our favorite upgrades to our build. We opted for the full kit, w/ the rocker guards, and the trailing arm guards. For the type of terrain we ride, SSS is an absolute MUST! We are rock crawling 90% of the time, and these skids provide a peace of mind on the tough obstacles, knowing that we aren't destroying our frame. UTV Grab Bag definitely recommends SSS for their outstanding customer service, and phenomenal products."