Why You Should Buy a SSS Offroad Skid Plate

Vulnerable UTV Parts

What product can protect $21,000 in parts? Over 50% of the value of your machine underneath your vehicle. A UHMW skid plate is your first line of defense, don't settle for the thin factory skid plate, get an SSS Offroad skid plate.

UHMW Skid Plate

We cover the entire underbody and we use the best material available called UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).

UHMW is extremely abrasion resistant and slick - it outwears steel 10:1! It also leads the pack by absorbing the hardest impacts, keeping your frame and parts safe.

The term "UHMW skid plates" have become a common way to describe UTV skid plates. Be sure to get genuine UHMW, not an imposter plastic.

Why SSS Offroad Skid Plates Are the Best

We offer the best protection, material, and fit. This comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty that only a made in the USA company would offer.

Our design allows for the most secure fit and the easiest installation. We don't require you to tap any holes and our premium panels are virtually indestructible.

  • Material. UHMW skid plates are slickest and most abrasion resistant plastic available. They also can absorb the huge impacts. Don't settle for imposter plastic.
  • Thickness. 3/8ths inch give you the optimal protection you need without adding unnecessary weight or cost. This thickness wins in the toughest terrain - driven by King of Hammers winners and finishers
  • Lap joints. Our miter lap joints create flush overlapping panels with a near seamless finish. We reduce catch points and don't use high risk butt joints!
  • Pieces. The only company to provide a massive 1 piece panel for a 4 seater skid plate. Most of our skid plates are only 3 pieces
  • Rock Sliders. Snug fit between rocker and machine. Forms to the angle of the machine, not the machine that bent it. Option to be have the rockers built into the skid skid plate (machine specific)
  • Easy Install and Maintenance. Little to no drilling. No tapping required. We include essential drain and maintenance holes
  • Premium Hardware. Best corrosion resistant coating available. Fine threaded screws allow for the strongest frame connection and rounded cup steel washers protect nearly every bolt
  • Fit. Cutting edge technology - .1mm accurate 3D scanners and CNC machines

Prices range from $599 to $1,399. Buy now at SSSOFFROAD.COM

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