Genuine UHMW Skid Plates

Genuine UHMW

We only supply genuine American made UHMW-PE.

We believe some products pose as UHMW based but are not made from UHMW. Some material descriptions that we believe you should be aware of are:

  • "Proprietary blend of UHMW" (most likely HDPE or HMW)
  • HMW (less than 10x the molecular weight of UHMW)
  • ARMW (most likely HMW)

Why we don't use colored UHMW

UHMW colors are very limited and primarily used for utility applications, not cosmetic applications. This means that color shades can have significant variations from sheet-to-sheet and will not be matched to a specific Pantone (color matching system). If you have seen cool colored plastics, they are most likely not UHMW because of the inability to color match.