Why use UHMW for UTV Skid Plates?

What does UHMW stand for? 

UHMW-PE stands for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polythene.

Why is UHMW great for SxS and UTVs?

High Impact Strength

  • Absorbs impacts
  • Bounces back to original shape

Extremely Quiet

  • Significantly dampens impact noise 

Self Lubricating/High Abrasion Resistance

  • Easily slide over rocks and logs
  • Outwears carbon steel 10:1, great for sand


  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Very similar weight to HDPE (Factory/OEM material)

Can you use a lower grade plastic for UTVs or other offroad vehicles?

Yes you can but it will most likely fail while you own it.

You can break lower grade plastics by:

  • Over-tightening a bolt
  • Too much pressure in one spot

If your skid plate cracks in any spot, you will most likely have to replace it because it will most likely crack where there isn't anything behind it. 

This is why UHMW make a huge difference, nearly impossible to penetrate while riding and it won't crack or snap. 

We won't sell lower grades of skid plates because of our industry leading Buy Once, Cry Once warranty. We obviously would not warranty something we know will break if it's used.

What makes UHMW so special?

UHMW has more than 10x the molecular weight than the next closest grade of material, HMW (some might call it ARMW). The missing U (Ultra) makes a huge difference.

The molecular strand length is what gives UHMW its superior impact strength, abrasion resistance, stress/crack resistance, and more!

UHMW is so strong because of the way it's made. It is made using pressure and heat.

This is why it is very important to prioritize material type/authenticity over material thickness.



Full Name

High Density Polyethylene

ULTRA High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Our recommendation

Not sold or recommended for most offroad applications

Best for heavy use offroad riders




Impact Strength


Best/No Break

Friction Rating


Extremely Slippery

Abrasion Resistance




Excellent, no variations in color or texture

Good, slight variations in color and texture, black

Best Use

-  Low use
-  Great material appearance


-  High use
-  Best performance
-  Less focused on appearance of material


Extremely common plastic that is easy to form into consumer items

Extremely durable, wear resistant, self lubricating industrial plastic 

Can I get colored UHMW?

UHMW colors are very limited and primarily used for utility applications, not cosmetic applications. This means that color shades can have significant variations from sheet-to-sheet and will not be matched to a specific Pantone (color matching system). If you have seen cool colored plastics, they are most likely not UHMW because of the inability to color match.