What is UHMW?

What does UHMW stand for?

UHMW-PE stands for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polythene. 


UHMW has more than 10x the molecular weight than it's little brother HMW (some might call it ARMW). This is what gives UHMW it's superior impact strength, abrasion resistance, stress/crack resistance, and more! This makes it very important to prioritize material type/authenticity over material thickness.


High Impact Strength

- Absorbs impacts
- Bounces back to original shape

Extremely Quiet

Significantly dampens impact noise

Self Lubricating/High Abrasion Resistance

- Easily slide over rocks and logs
- Outwears carbon steel 10:1, great for sand


- Lighter than aluminum
- Very similar weight to HDPE
(Factory/OEM material)