Cargo Rack / Dog Seat

"Since a stick came through my floorboard during a casual ride on a backcountry road, I refuse to drive my SxS without a skid plate. There is no reason to risk my vehicle or my family." - Gregg (UTV owner since 2005)

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Model: Ultimate - Turbo R 4


Material: HDPE




Sale price$119.00

Cargo Rack / Dog Seat - Back Seat Conversion Kit | Polaris RZR Turbo R 4

Best UTV Cargo Rack / Dog Seat Features for Polaris RZR Turbo R 4


  • Access to foot opening for extra storage
  • Easy and fast install and uninstall
  • Easily tie down your cargo with D loops (purchase separately) - you can install loops anywhere on the platform

Includes (per side)

  • Base Kit for Seat Conversion  (installs in seconds)
    • NOTE: Ultimate - Turbo R 4: Cargo rack base is not included, model features flip down seat. Installs on top of folded seats for a flat surface
  • Cargo Rack Platform
  • Hardware



    How to choose between HDPE and UHMW 
    For most consumers, HDPE provides the best features for the price along with the most attractive material finish. 

    Our HDPE has a matte black finish and our UHMW has a shinny finish.

    UHMW can be up to 10x the molecular strand length as HDPE. This enables UHMW to be even more durable and abrasion resistant than HDPE. However, the unique manufacturing process that is needed to achieve UHMW’s performance leads to a higher material price and a less consistent color/texture.



    Full Name

    High Density Polyethylene

    ULTRA High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

    Our recommendation

    Not sold or recommended for most offroad applications

    Best for heavy use offroad riders




    Impact Strength


    Best/No Break

    Friction Rating


    Extremely Slippery

    Abrasion Resistance




    Excellent, no variations in color or texture

    Good, slight variations in color and texture, black

    Best Use

    -  Low use
    -  Great material appearance


    -  High use
    -  Best performance
    -  Less focused on appearance of material


    Extremely common plastic that is easy to form into consumer items

    Extremely durable, wear resistant, self lubricating industrial plastic 


    What our friends say about our cargo racks

    Timeline (Jump to)

    1:00 - Intro to the cargo rack
    1:38 - Assembling the kit
    3:11 - Installing into the machine - seconds to install
    4:01 - Difference between competitors / Seat Base 
    4:45 - Difference between UHMW and HMW
    5:10 - Strength Test
    6:30 - Dog test

    Compatibility Notes

    If you have custom seats, you can adjust the edges by cutting the plastic with a jigsaw or circular saw. Cutting instructions come with your purchase.

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