Premium Skid Plate

"Since a stick came through my floorboard during a casual ride on a backcountry road, I refuse to drive my SxS without a skid plate. There is no reason to risk my vehicle or my family." - Gregg (UTV owner since 2005)

BUY ONCE, CRY ONCE. Replace any part and pay factory pricing for replacements if you break or wear it out
MADE IN UTAH: Sourced, Designed, and Manufactured in the USA
WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE. We will replace any workmanship issue at no cost to you

Rock-Sliders: Front Only - Built-in Rock Sliders (+$)


Sale price$1,049.00

Premium UHMW Skid Plate | Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000-4

Best UTV Premium Skid Plate Features for Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000-4


  • 3/8 inch thick UHMW 
  • Recessed bolt holes - smooth, no-snag finish
  • Miter Lap joints - near seamless
  • Only 3 pieces, Massive 1 Piece Main Panel
  • Optional built-in rock sliders
  • Tree Kicker version does not have the last bend (location of the SSS Offroad logo) so a tree kicker/nerf bar can be installed

Don't let insurance and a thin, flimsy OEM skid be your first line of defense. An SSS Offroad skid plate will give you the peace of mind you want for your KRX 1000.

We offer the best protection, material, and fit. This comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty that only a made in the USA company would offer.

  • Material. UHMW skid plates are slickest and most abrasion resistant plastic available. They also can absorb big impacts. Don't settle for imposter plastic, it either is UHMW or it is NOT.
  • Thickness. 3/8ths inch give you the optimal protection you need without adding unnecessary weight or cost. This thickness wins in the toughest terrain - driven by King of Hammers winners and finishers
  • Lap joints. Our miter lap joints create flush overlapping panels with a near seamless finish. We reduce catch points and don't use high risk butt joints!
  • Pieces. Our KRX skid plate has 1 massive main panel reducing the chance of catching or tearing off.
  • Rock Sliders. Snug fit between the rocker and the machine. It forms to the angle of the machine, not the machine that bent it. Option to be have the rockers built into the skid skid plate. Metal = catches vs UHMW = slides
  • Easy and Fast Install. No tapping required and we reuse all available factory holes. Avoid drilling and taping 30+ holes like other brands
  • Premium Hardware. Our custom made fasteners are fine threaded screws that automatically tap pre-drilled holes and custom made steel cup washers provide extra protection during the hardest impacts. Our fasteners use the best corrosion resistant coating available.
    • Fine threaded screws allow for the strongest frame connection because UTV frame tubing is very thin
  • Maintenance. We include essential drain and maintenance holes. If an area is serviced less than once a year, we do not include it and recommend removing the panel to clean and service.

Why buy from us?

  • Made in USA. We design, test, and manufacturer your product in Utah. We also source our materials from US manufacturers.
  • Buy once, cry once warranty. Damage or wear out a piece of your skid? You can get a replacement part for an average of 50-70% of the retail value
  • Workmanship Guarantee. If there is an issue due to manufacturing, we'll make it right.
  • Fit. Cutting edge technology - .1mm accurate 3D scanners, measurement systems, and CNC machines



  • Tree Kicker version does not have the last bend (location of the SSS Offroad logo on the pictures) so a tree kicker/nerf bar can be installed 
  • Full Rocker version adds an extra 2 inches of protection, uses the tree kicker/nerf bar mounting holes


  • Rock Sliders
    • Matches body line - 9 inches of additional protection on the side of the vehicle
  • Front Rock Sliders
    • Provides additional protection in the wheel well adds up to 3 inches of additional UHMW protection
    • Front Rockers and the body are the same piece
    • Snug to machine


    The primary difference is the amount of pieces the skid plate contains. This provide stronger reinforcement to the bottom of the machine, reduces snag points, and reduces the chance of your skid plate being torn off if you lose a bolt hole. 

    • Premium: 3 pieces total
      • Small front differential panel (1)
      • 1 MASSIVE main panel (1)
      • Small engine/transmission panel (1)
    • Standard: 5 pieces total (go to standard page)
      • Small front differential panel (1)
      • 3-part main panel (3)
      • Small engine/transmission panel (1)

    The Premium skid plate allows for full peace of mind on the trail. 


    The Premium skid plate ships via LTL and may cause certain residential addresses to be restricted or unavailable. Our team will coordinate with you prior to shipping if there are any issues with the shipping address you provide.


    Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Year: 2020-2024


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