Premium Skid Plate

"Since a stick came through my floorboard during a casual ride on a backcountry road, I refuse to drive my SxS without a skid plate. There is no reason to risk my vehicle or my family." - Gregg (UTV owner since 2005)

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Side-Rockers: No Rock Sliders


Year Model: 2021

Year Model

Sale price$1,049.00

Premium Skid Plate | UHMW | Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S

Best UTV Premium Skid Plate Features for Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S

Introducing the SSS Off-Road Premium Skid Plate for your Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S. Designed with the UTV enthusiast in mind, this aftermarket skid plate is made from genuine UHMW material, providing optimal protection for your investment. Say goodbye to worries about damage during your favorite adventures.

Our skid plates are made from 3/8 inch thick UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), an extremely strong and durable material that can protect you in the toughest terrains. With recessed bolt holes and a smooth, no-snag finish, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your skid plate won't get caught on rocks or other obstacles.

  • 3/8" thick UHMW 
  • Recessed bolt holes for flushed hardware that allows for a smooth, no-snag finish
  • Our lap joints interlock and create a flat surface
  • Three piece skid (nose, body, and tail)!
  • Optional: Built-in-Rockers
    • ~2.5 inches high and protect the front and side of the machine
    • Rockers and the body are the same piece
    • Snug to machine


Our skid plates come as a three-piece set, covering the nose, body, and tail of your machine. Add our optional built-in rockers for added protection to the front and sides. They're snugly fitted to your machine, ensuring a secure and tight fit.


Not all skid plates are created equal. Our Premium Skid Plate is a 1-piece main panel construction, providing more reinforcement to the bottom of your Turbo S. The 1-piece main panel also reduces snag points and minimizes the chances of your skid plate getting torn off while on the trail. Don't settle for average skid plates that compromise your machine's safety.

Want additional protection? Opt for our built-in rockers, guarding the front (wheel well) and side of your machine.


HOLE REUSE. Our skid plates are easy to install, utilizing all available factory holes and provide high quality hardware.

NO TAPPING REQUIRED. We use all the available factory holes. However, the OEM doesn't provide holes around the entire perimeter of the RZR XP 4 Turbo S so there will be some areas that will require drilling. 

We developed custom fine thread forming screws. This means you don't have to tap holes and your get optimal thread contact with the frame.


    The primary difference is the amount of pieces the skid plate contains. This provides stronger reinforcement to the bottom of the machine, reduces snag points, and reduces the chance of your skid plate being torn off if you lose a bolt hole

    • Premium: 1 piece total
      • Small front differential panel (1)
      • 1 MASSIVE main panel (1)
      • Small engine/transmission panel (1)
    • Standard: 2 pieces total (go to Standard page)
      • Small front differential panel (1)
      • 2-part main panel (2)
      • Small engine/transmission panel (1)

    Upgrade your UTV with the best aftermarket skid plates available. Trust SSS Off-Road for all your side-by-side accessories and UTV accessories needs. Ride protected with an SSS Off-Road skid plate.


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